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This was probably the most daunting design project I have ever worked on…the design of our own home. Having my husband and myself as clients is a lot harder than one would think. How do I get all those cool ideas I have been wanting in a house into a cohesive design and within budget? All of our decisions were based on balancing our, at times conflicting, priorities.



  • A home we will love - cool, beautiful and comfortable

  • Lots of natural light

  • Stay within our budget

  • Energy Efficient

  • Healthy, Low Maintenance & Environmentally Responsible interiors and exteriors

  • A house that fits into the neighborhood


  • The lot size is 40’x120’ with alley access, 20’ front yard set back and 16’ rear yard with 5’ side yard setbacks. 

  • Open up to the southern exposure along the long side of the lot.

  • Attached ADU (accessory dwelling unit, aka mother-in-law unit)

  • Main living space on the second floor with separate bedroom

  • Connection to the outside on the second floor

  • Garage big enough for the Mini Cooper, motorcycle and all of Neil’s tools and work materials. 

  • Home offices for both of us


  • Display my extensive book collection without overwhelming Neil’s minimalistic sensibilities.

  • A large enough home to entertain in, but small enough to be intimate for just the 2 of us. The right size home.

  • Maintaining privacy within a city environment while bringing in lots of natural light

  • Create 2 dwelling units that are separate, but have an indoor connection.

The main space is really what the whole house is designed around. I wanted lots of natural light and ventilation. A room that is both intimate and spacious. A room where the bookshelves and cabinets are built in and become the walls. The house is designed around how we live and want to live.

For more in-depth information on the construction of this house, please check out my previous blog -


New House






Seattle, Washington

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