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My passion for architecture is a reflection of my passion for life, and I bring this enthusiasm and focus to my work.  My drive for self-improvement allows me to stay open to new ideas and continually learn from the world around me. When designing, I prioritize the needs and desires of the people who will use the spaces I design.  This sensitivity is expressed through careful consideration of scale, proportion, form, materials, and details, with a constant focus on how individuals will experience the space.


I am a licensed architect with over 20 years of experience in residential design in the Seattle area. Originally from South Jersey, I moved to Seattle after completing my Bachelor of Architecture degree at Roger Williams University in 1995. After spending seven years at Geise Architects, where I focused mainly on residential remodeling, I joined Ross Chapin Architects. At RCA, I worked on our cottage development projects and served as project manager for our award-winning Conover Commons and Danielson Grove developments. This work allowed me to combine my passion for designing homes with a focus on fostering community through design. During my last few years at RCA, I shifted my focus to custom home projects, both remodels and new builds. 

During this time, my husband Neil Chapman of Brixton Builders and I designed and built three houses, including our current home. This personal experience has given me unique insight into living in spaces that I have designed.

My specialty is working with individuals and families to create their own version of home. It is incredibly rewarding to hear from clients weeks, months, or even years after completion and to learn how happy they are in their new space. For me, the ultimate goal of my work is to make a positive impact on people's lives by creating spaces that not only meet their needs but also bring them joy and enhance their everyday experiences.

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