Genesee ADU (accessory dwelling unit- aka mother-in-law suite)

Attached to an existing 1930's house, this 544 sqft accessory dwelling unit (ADU) sits above a 2-car garage / workshop space. Designed to maximize light with windows on 4 sides as well as a skylight in the bathroom, this space was just the right size for my husband and I for 8 years. 


Originally we were going to wall off the bedroom, but as soon as the space was built, we realized we wanted to keep the openness of the vaulted ceiling visible throughout the space. I designed a multi-use dividing cabinet to separate the bedroom from the living room, and being able to see over it gave each space a larger feeling.  The TV was hidden away in the middle, but was able to spin around for viewing in either space.  A desk and storage were also incorporated.


For more detailed photos and descriptions please checkout my original blog


Attached ADU






Seattle, Washington

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